Historically, ship management has been limited to larger fleets. New rules and regulations have caused the smaller shipping companies to outsource the technical and crew management of their vessels to professional ship managers. In general, if you operate with fewer than five vessels and operating with an international flag and crew, substantial benefits will be realized by using a management company such as MMS.

Expertise: MMS is an expert in every area of ship management, including SOLAS, IMO regulations, U.S. Coast Guard regulations, navigation equipment, planned maintenance, crewing, training, as well as other specialized services such as marine insurance and claim handling.

Insurances: MMS obtains very competitive fleet insurance for its vessels under management, including H&M, P&I, Loss of Hire and other policies. In addition, claims are handled more quickly, and with greater expertise.

Purchasing: Because of its managed fleet size, MMS has a broad, international buying power, which adds up to substantial savings from global agreements for consumables, spare parts and equipment, and other items and services.

Crewing: MMS works with crewing agents and companies around the world. Our managed fleet size attracts better Officers and Ratings. Training is centralized, more extensive and yields a better trained, better qualified crew with a higher degree of flexibility.

Disaster & Casualty Management: MMS relies on its strength and expertise, its worldwide organization, its management team and crew pool to manage problems professionally, without interrupting the smooth operation of its other managed vessels.

Administration & Reporting: MMS possesses up-to-date efficient computer systems for administration, budgeting, accounting and cash management, with fast and detailed reporting.

Costs: Dollar for dollar, the fee charged by MMS as an independent ship manager is a much greater value than applying those dollars toward in-house operations.